Redefining the Good Life

EP 46: Finding your own compass

September 19, 2022 Aysin Karaduman, aka The Omnivorist Episode 46
Redefining the Good Life
EP 46: Finding your own compass
Show Notes

Hey friends, so happy to be back at ya after a deliciously long summer break!

Today I talk about what new ideas have been brewing in my head the last few months and how it's affecting even the way I see coaching.

And, for the main course, I'm really happy to bring to you a really insightful conversation with one of my dear clients.

​​Başak is ​​a brilliant young Turkish woman who's in France for a PhD in Computational Biology (I mean, I don't even understand what that means 🤣).

When she first came to me, she was on the brink of physical and mental burnout. As many gifted adults who have chased achievement and excelled in their chosen field all their lives, she was beset by anxiety, and crushed under her own perfectionism and expectations of herself.

During our six-month package together, she got to think about her true priorities, redefined her decision-making process in life and ended up finding her own compass — which includes chasing what sounds like fun instead of choosing "what's sensible"!

As a result, she's even started to work as a health coach with actual paying clients... something that wasn't at all on the program to begin with 🙃​​

You're in for a real treat with this thought-provoking conversation!


And, last but not least... a very special treat!

I'm offering a free workshop this week where I will share simple and effective tools that you can start using right away for handling life's ups and downs: 

Riding the Wave, A Workshop on Emotions
Thursday, 22 September, 19:00 CET
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Can't wait to hang out, my friend!!


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