Redefining the Good Life

EP 2: Our decision to live slowly

September 24, 2020 Episode 2
Redefining the Good Life
EP 2: Our decision to live slowly
Show Notes

Have you ever considered that our basic human needs have actually remained unchanged in a really long time... like, MILLIONS of years??  

Things like living in a non-toxic world, feeling good in your skin, having access to nutritious food, clean water and air, a deep connection with ourselves, each other and nature… these are our birthright.

But unfortunately in today’s world they have become a luxury.  

These are some of the conclusions I came to when I started to question EVERYTHING upon becoming a mother.  

And these are all the reasons that led to our decision to live more slowly by making a 180° on our life: moving out of the city, working from home and home-schooling the kiddos... Let's just say we didn't half-ass things! 

And finally, I leave you with one question to bring out that little voice inside that's calling you to slow down a bit... 


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