Redefining the Good Life

EP 11: Demystifying self-care

November 19, 2020 Aysin Karaduman, aka The Omnivorist Episode 11
Redefining the Good Life
EP 11: Demystifying self-care
Show Notes

In this day and age most of us are more overstressed and undernourished than ever. That means having a strong self-care routine is KEY to staying grounded, not to mention achieving amazing things in your life.

In this episode, I demystify just what that looks like, both for your physical and mental health.

To put it very simply, self-care is the acknowledgment that your needs matter, AND building a toolbox to tend to those needs.

I also talk about what it’s NOT: it is not #treatyoself. It is not drinking yourself silly every night to avoid the discomfort of being at your soul-sucking job. Or binging on Netflix too many nights because you're too tired to work on your book and yet you exhaust yourself even further going to bed too late...

Self-care is taking care of yourself in a way that makes you stronger as the years go by, instead of stealing from your future self.

Tune in to start learning exactly how to give yourself what you need and building your own self-care toolbox!

Here are my articles on switching to a real food diet:
What is real food?
What to eat

The hydration formula: your weight (lbs) / 2 = oz (convert to ml/L) 

Here’s my floor-sitting office set-up:

The recipe for the nourishing herbal infusions (from S. Weed): 

30 g of dried herb
1L of boiling water 

Infuse for at least 4h  
Strain, cool and drink 1-2 cups/day 

Whatever magic you want to achieve with your life, first learning how to fill your own cup and start feeling good in your skin are the best investments you can make for yourself today. 

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