Redefining the Good Life

The four stages of stuck

December 24, 2020 Episode 16
Redefining the Good Life
The four stages of stuck
Show Notes

Work is where many of us spend a huge portion of our lives and yet, when choosing what to do when we were young, we were never encouraged to ask questions like:

What would I love to spend my days doing?
What kinds of conversations do I want to be part of?
What kind of people do I want to be surrounded by?
Do I want to sit my ass all day in a chair or be out and about? etc

As a result, at some point in our lives, a good number of us start paying attention to that little voice inside that encourages us to imagine a different possibility.

But this process can be tricky! Today I explain the four stages where people tend to get stuck when it comes to figuring out their life's work and exactly what to do to get out of each one!

Tune in to find out where you are and what to do about it so that you can start sharing your goodness with the world at long last.

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