Redefining the Good Life

The Free Challenge: "Regret-Proof Your Life" is BACK!

October 16, 2021
Redefining the Good Life
The Free Challenge: "Regret-Proof Your Life" is BACK!
Show Notes

Living a life without regrets is written into the very DNA of this podcast. And the way to get there? To define what the good life means for YOU with intention. 

One of the biggest things people regret at the end of their days is not having had the courage to live the life they really wished — rather than what others expected of them. 

In order to avoid this, it's so helpful to make sure you're living by your own rulebook, and not by anybody else's (including your younger self!). 

Join me for the free challenge, "Regret-Proof Your Life", Oct 27-30, to take the pulse in your life, and make sure you're headed to exactly where you want to go. 

During these four days, we will be asking ourselves powerful questions and listening to the voice within as the insights come flowing. I will of course be offering live coaching as well, which are always everybody's favorite part of the experience. 


And stay tuned until the end of the podcast where I share an excerpt from the last challenge with some really fun insights about this process!


PS. When you learn to cultivate your inner compass, your life can take unexpected turns. Just like my client Veronica who, while planning a major event for a luxury brand, realized that in fact her future is elsewhere completely — and felt instant peace because she saw in her mind's eye exactly where she's headed.

If this inner peace and purpose sounds like what you crave in your own life, know that I can help you get there. Email me to schedule a chat about whether we're a match made in heaven for 1:1 coaching.


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