Redefining the Good Life

EP 34: "Putting myself first is not selfish."

November 04, 2021 Episode 34
Redefining the Good Life
EP 34: "Putting myself first is not selfish."
Show Notes

Today I bring you a super fun conversation with my client (and cousin!), Nazli Kayan, at the end of our 6-month package together.

Nazli is a high school Spanish teacher in Florida, and here's where she was when she first decided to reach out to me: “I just felt stuck, I felt like I wasn’t moving forward… I didn’t know that I had a choice to get unstuck… But I needed a guide through the wilderness.”

She was also addicted to energy drinks because of low energy, felt overwhelmed... and was feeling powerless about it all because she thought she was “doing everything right”.

But during our work together, she quickly realized that it's so easy to get nutrition wrong because there is so much conflicting info out there, and that consuming self-help books was NOT the same thing as getting your brain coached on a weekly basis!

One of her biggest breakthroughs was realizing just how much she'd been judging herself and others, and how this played into everything she was doing.

“I never would’ve been able to do this by myself. There’s no way. No one is calling bullshit on what I’m saying. No one. Either people are too afraid or I might take offense… I’m paying you to call me out on my bullshit.”

This highly entertaining conversation is full of nuggets that will blow your mind.  Also, have I mentioned just how sharp and hilarious she is?? 

Nazli's is a powerful story that exemplifies what's possible with this work: gaining steady energy and inner peace so that you can be the most you can be. You're definitely going to get a ton out of this one! 

Oh and to have what she's having, drop me a line at and we'll take it from there 🔥

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