Redefining the Good Life

EP 38: What to do when you feel like sh!t

March 21, 2022 Episode 38
Redefining the Good Life
EP 38: What to do when you feel like sh!t
Show Notes

What if our emotions were meant to be our greatest teachers in life?

What I'm breaking down for you in today's episode is nothing short of a superpower: how to feel all your feelings — and especially what to do when you feel like shite!

The truth is, we are incredibly emotional beings and yet, we were never taught how to properly deal with them when growing up.

So it's no wonder that many of us get so intimidated by the full spectrum of our emotions (and specifically, the negative ones) that we suppress and avoid them at all cost.

But here's what happens when we do that on a regular basis: in trying hard to distract ourselves, we often end up over-consuming (food, alcohol and other substances, work, social media, sex etc), we become afraid of taking risks and overall become guarded when going about life.

In the end, we don't feel nearly as good as we have the capacity to, and our lives are much smaller as a result.

And that is such a shame, don't you think?

This is why in this episode I explain the exact steps you need in order welcome ALL your emotions so that you can develop a beautiful relationship with yourself, with others and with your dreams.

Because when you're not afraid of feeling ANY emotion, there isn't much that will stop you from going where you wanna go.  🔥


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PS. This one simple tool will radically change the way you experience your life but I'm not gonna lie — it takes lots of courage, and trial and error, to make it second nature. Having a coach on your side is the fastest way to develop your emotional toolbox so that you can have the biggest life you're meant to have.

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