Redefining the Good Life

EP 40: Happiness is an inside job.

April 18, 2022 Episode 40
Redefining the Good Life
EP 40: Happiness is an inside job.
Show Notes

Happiness is defined as "a state of well-being and contentment".

And yet, our society teaches us that happiness is not inherent — that it is rather a destination.

And that we will only get there if we do everything we're told: do good in school, get a good job, get the promotions, get married, have kids, get the dream house, the dream kitchen, the dream vacations, etc etc.

But the problem is, constantly seeking happiness outside of ourselves gets us into lots of trouble.

We become overachievers and wonder why we still feel so empty inside even though we did all that we were supposed to do and jumped through all the hoops.

Then we indulge in all kinds of behaviors to numb the pain of that dissatisfaction: food, alcohol, social media, shopping... and lose our own health and well-being along the way.

We think we'll finally get happy once we "find love", but without having healed our own past and learned to love our own company, we end up repeating the same mistakes in relationship after relationship...

In this episode I break down how to know if you're falling into the "happiness trap" and how to go about seeking it first in the only place possible: within yourself.

This work is SO important because given all the trouble humanity is in these days, a world full of people who are out of victimhood and who feel good to be alive may just make all the difference. ❤️

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PS. The biggest truth in the universe is that we are BORN worthy. But we forget this very basic thing because of so much conditioning and societal BS.

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