Redefining the Good Life

EP 47: How to gain self-awareness (& why it matters)

October 05, 2022 Aysin Karaduman, aka The Omnivorist Episode 47
Redefining the Good Life
EP 47: How to gain self-awareness (& why it matters)
Show Notes

My simple definition of self-awareness is being present to your internal experience of life.

And it is a fundamental element of living your version of the good life since your inner reality has a HUGE impact on your outer reality.

But contrary to popular belief, introspection alone is NOT enough to gain self-awareness.

In addition to being an astute observer of the way you show up in life, the process of self-discovery is also about becoming compassionately curious as to where your reactions, thoughts and triggers come from.

And it’s not just about healing your "negative" baggage, either!

Understanding what makes you feel good is equally important. Becoming lucid about your own specific needs and wants puts you in charge of your life, since it allows you to intentionally create more of the things that bring you joy. 🌈

Lastly, connecting to the present moment and to that greater consciousness allows us to put everything into perspective... and take ourselves less seriously!

Tune into this episode to find out what the path to self-awareness looks like, and what traps to avoid on the way there...


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The indispensable element of self-inquiry is learning to welcome any and all emotions, no matter how difficult.

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