Redefining the Good Life

EP 48: How to make powerful decisions

October 20, 2022 Episode 48
Redefining the Good Life
EP 48: How to make powerful decisions
Show Notes

Have you ever been stymied by a decision? Felt the analysis paralysis creep in? Spent way more time and energy in discomfort than you would've liked?

Making decisions can so easily trip us up because of...

1 truth: decision-making is costly for the brain, and

A few untruths: there's such a thing as a right and wrong decision (there isn't) and it's FOREVER and god knows you'll fuck up your life if you pick the wrong thing!!


No wonder we get stuck!!

But developing the skill of making powerful decisions is super important and here's why: intentionally choosing where you put your attention and taking action in that direction is THE key to moving toward the life you want.

Join me as I bust some myths, break down how to avoid pitfalls such as "analysis paralysis" and offer what guidance to listen to in making good decisions...

And don't forget to stay on for the special treat in the end: a short meditation to help you get clarity on whatever's eating you at the moment πŸ’•

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